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Coimba protocol: Vitamin D high-dose therapy stops autoimmune diseases

A project from CoimbraProtokoll gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in 82166 Gräfelfing, Germany

High-dose Vitamin D therapy stops autoimmune diseases! With our projects we make the orthomolecular therapy "Coimbra Protocol" available to patients, doctors and the public. May many people benefit from it!

Britta Maier-Peveling
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About this project

We are two patients with multiple sclerosis who gained back quality of life through the Coimbra protocol (vitamin D ultra-high dose therapy for autoimmune diseases). We deeply care that as many patients with autoimmune diseases as possible are granted the same chance:  

·        The chance to stop the disease
·        The possible chance of a partial cure
·        The chance of a life without serious side effects

In a nutshell: The chance to live a healthy and happy a life!
This orthomolecular therapy was founded by Prof. Dr. Cicero G. Coimbra, Professor of Neurology and Internal Medicine, and treats the cause of autoimmune disease - not just the symptoms. Since 2002 this therapy has already helped more than 30,000 people worldwide to stop their disease and gain back quality of life. A life without progressive disease and without severe side effects of medication - isn't that wonderful? 

Our opinion is: The Coimbra protocol needs a professional voice in Europe! 

It should be researched and documented, patients should receive technically correct and easily understandable information and, above all, access to a certified protocol doctor in their vicinity. That's why we founded the non-profit organization CoimbraProtokoll gUG (haftungsbeschränkt) in summer 2019.   

Our first major project is the organization of a 3-year follow-up of the Coimbra Protocol at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin under the lead of Prof. Friedemann Paul, a famous German MS researcher: This means that the outcome after three years of treatment in MS with the Coimbra Protocol will be documented and it´s safety proven. The Falk Foundation for Education and Health Nuremberg has agreed to provide the total funding for the study over a period of four years! The first organization started in November 2019. A detailed project plan will be published at the start of the study (presumably summer 2020) on 

But we won´t rest here: We would like to initiate further study projects such as the investigation of the effects of the Coimbra protocol on the microbiome or the financing of a doctoral thesis. In addition to funding scientific work, we have been ensuring that information on the Coimbra Protocol is available to the general public for three years now which we will continue to do on a non-profit basis. We value scientifically correct information but try to explain them in a patient-friendly way. We will continue to expand this in the future not only in social networks but also "in real life".    

Help us with your donation to help us reach more people suffering from autoimmune disease!

We are looking forward to your donation and to further spreading the Coimbra Protocol in Europe!  Yours sincerly,  Britta & Christina