Funded Call for funding a primary school in Nepal

An aid project by “High Himalayan community project Nepal” (K. Harder) in Gairnangi, Nepal

K. Harder (Project Manager)

K. Harder
Where ?
The school will be built in a place called Gairnangi (2647m), in the Rasuwa district. It’s 100 KM North from KTM, 30km from the Tibetan border and close to Langtang National Park.

Why ?
Gairnangi is only a 3 years old village. Because of the continuous heavy rain, a big landslide occured 4 years ago in this region and 27 people died, 34 children of school age lost their parents and most of the people of the landslide area lost their houses, cattle as well as their land. In the last two years these vulnerable people chose have started a new settlement in Gaimangi. 41 families are presently living at this place, in small huts made out of grass or in rock caves. They do not have any land yet so they are using the public land as well as the land of the National Park, waiting for some help from the government. But the government remains silent and has not provided any aid for the moment, except for 20 kg rice and one blanket per family. The problem is that the local governing body is really uneducated and weak so they can put any pressure on the government.
At the moment there are 39 children aged 3 to 6 years and 33 children aged 6 to 11 who could benefit from this school. There are 23 children below the age of 3 who will go to school in a few years time as well as all the babies to be born in the next few months. And there will be many of them as there are usually 5 children per family, and as the proportion of boys is currently only 33%, some families will continue having children until they get a son.
To summary, the benefits of such a school would be:
• Children will go to school from their early childhood
• It will solve the lack of school in the area
• School is a key factor for development
• It will provide education to vulnerable children, in a community which understands the importance of education
• Children from Gairnangi will not have to travel far to go to school
• Parents can interact with the local teachers
School Management Committee

SMC will be responsible for the financial management and accountability.

More information:

Location: Gairnangi, Nepal

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