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An aid project by L. Seifert in Kathmandu, Nepal

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L. Seifert (Project Manager)

L. Seifert
Together with responsible Nepalis now a plan is started. In the province of Dolakha in Nepal more than 40% of children live in abject poverty. They are cut off from the already poor schooling. In these families, more work is needed as the children read and write. Thus there are many orphans.

A year education costs per child from the first through third grade, including all expenses around 55 - 100 Euro. Then increase the annual cost of a year. I would like to ask for help, to give at least some children the chance for their future lives. Education also brings a country like Nepal, a far piece ahead.
School fees for children are help to help themselves. The children, who should be supported, will work hard for their chance of education.

I visited children's schools in Kathmandu and Dolakha and talked with the teachers and the principal. For each school account I get the receipt. Each donor can see how the money is used. So for what is the money good for?
Every child needs two school uniforms, school books and a daily lunch.
The little family without a father gets financially aid from the brothers and sister of mother and father. They pay the rent for a small room and give money for clothing and food.

If children from poor families go to school, the following will be achieved:

1st - Prevention of very hard child labor
2nd - Little girls will not be sold to slave traders. This childrens were brought to India, where they will be raped and tortured. They have to work as prostitutes in brothels. These girls are physically and mentally destroyed.
3rd - Alcoholism is limited. Boys who do not go into a school, often become an alcoholic then they are an adult men.

Thank you for your help.

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Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

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