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School hostel for children in Nepal - Education – way out of poverty

Samundratar, Nepal

By building a hostel we will enable children who – live in very isolated parts of the Himalaya of Nepal to go to school and have an education which will give them a chance for a fair paid job and a better future in their own country.

Thomas Kappenberger from Help4Nepal e. V.
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Education – way out of poverty
Poverty impedes education, education impedes poverty.

Children in Nepal: Working instead of learning?
It is not self evident that children in Nepal go to school. Millions of children just can not afford to go to school. Quite often children go working to contribute to the small family income. It is a vicious circle for the children – without education they will not have a chance of a well paid job and neither the possibility for a better future in their own country.   
Help4Nepal e.V. helps by building a hostel!
Especially in the Himalaya region many children can not go to school, because they live in areas which can only be reached by foot or which are not within walking distance. Our project will enable children - who live in very isolated parts of the scattered rural community Samundratar – to go to school, have accommodation in the hostel, a place to study and facilities to feed themselves.  

The hostel project!
The Village Development Committee (VDC) and THE School Management Committee (SMC) have decided to build a Hostel for about 50 students of all three grade levels. The Hostel will be build on the former premises of the primary school.   
The concept allows students in groups of three – one of each class level – to live together and to feed themselves. Therefor the rooms are designed for three occupants. A common living area and a kitchen are foreseen. The sanitary block will be separate for boys and girls, which is not yet common in Nepal. Additi onally the sanitary block will also be designed for disabled students. 
In cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and in cooperation with local craftsmen and helpers the hostel will be build in the typical local style. The goal is to build an earthquake-proof building which keeps the local architectural elements in mind. Samundratar is a rural community located at the edge of the Langtang National Park in the Nuwakot District and is affected by earthquakes from time to time - the last one was in April 2015. The University and their students have helped building a school in Japhe/Nepal in 2014 and are therefore experienced with both the local construction methods and the earthquake-proof structures.

 • With your support this project „A hostel for students“  can be realized and will give those children a future

• Every donation is truly one building block on the way out of poverty by enabling education

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