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Funded Drop and Ride - Sport and Education for the Youth of Kabul!

A project from Abasha
in Kabul, Afghanistan

Drop and Ride uses sport to address important issues for the local youth: The desire for peace, equal rights for men and women, democracy and better education. We need your support!

Moritz Kistenfeger
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About this project

A group of young people from Kabul, Afghanistan, founded the Drop and Ride project ('Drop the gun and ride a bike') in late 2016. Since then, the project has used sports together with educational opportunities to address issues important to the local youth: The desire for peace, gender equality, democracy and better education. Up to 100 young people, many of them girls, now take part in the program every month.

The Drop and Ride program is implemented independently by the non-profit Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO) registered in Afghanistan. Abasha e.V. supports the PFO in financing the sports and education program in Kabul. Abasha transfers 100% of donations from this campaign directly to the PFO.

This is what your donation does:

  • Safe training ground: the annual rent for the bike ground, which has to meet special security requirements in Kabul, guarantees the young people a safe environment during their bike training. For the participating girls in particular, a sports program can only be carried out within the safety of a closed compound. 

  • Social and cultural events: A summer festival with culture and sports should be remembered as an annual highlight for all members with sporting competition, cultural offerings and, of course, lots of fun.

  • Improve education: Individual courses, for example English or IT courses, give young people access to educational opportunities that they would not have in regular school. This is particularly important for the young people's further professional development. 

  • Communicating values: Human rights are an abstract concept for many adolescents. Excursions and political education events are designed to give local boys and girls an understanding of the subject. Afghanistan is a sports-loving country, but young women in particular have a hard time discovering female role models. Events and lectures by well-known female athletes enable an exchange with role models and promote the girls on site.

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    Abasha is a non-profit association based in Munich, Germany. From here we support young projects around the world through volunteer work. We have made it our goal to guarantee children and young people from difficult backgrounds free access to educational and sports projects. In doing so, we don't want to dictate anything to anyone, but rather help people on the ground to implement their own projects.

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