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The Wave Project (Pakistan)

A project from The Wave Project
in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

There are many places that are affected by poverty. In particular, we support children who are denied access to education.

A. Akhter
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About this project

In order to further our goal of promoting education in Pakistan for poorer children, we have visited several schools in the area of ​​Rawalpindi. So that we can get an understanding of how the education system is structured here and how we can help.

As in many countries, there are private and public schools. But the differences are immense. There are around 2,000 public and 8,000 private schools in Punjab province. The public schools are overcrowded. There are no hygiene regulations or limits on the sizes of the school classes and the existing school material is limited. Since there are no schools in the vicinity or the families can not pay these, many of the children do not go to school at all.

Specifically, we support boys and girls aged 2 to 5 years. All children attend the preschool "Little Star" in Rawalpindi. As we want to make our support sustainable and future-proof, we have decided to accompany the children on their educational path from the very beginning.

The donations received go 100% to the children on site. We keep you up to date with current documentation.