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Support the first Buddhist Dharma College in Germany

A project from Tibetisches Zentrum e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

We are seeking financial support for the students of the new six-year full-time Dharma study, which will begin in February 2020 at the Tibetan Center e.V. in Hamburg with 15-20 students. Information at

Andreas Bründer (Geschäftsführung)
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About this project

Dear supporters,

In February 2020 the project of a professional six-year full-time study-program of Buddhism (Dharma-Kolleg), which is unique in Germany, began with 15 students at the renowned Tibetan Center in the city center of Hamburg.  It is a unique opportunity to study under the guidance of a Tibetan master with the highest level of education (Lharampa Geshe), which is based in theory and practice on the curriculum of the Tibetan monastic universities.

We see this study as a unique opportunity to sustainably anchor Buddhism in the West through authentic and well-educated teachers and to ensure knowledge transfer to Western society. The students all have years of professional experience, a successfully completed secular education / study and already in-depth knowledge of Buddhist philosophy, acquired through several years of part-time studies. So why more?

The six-year Dharma College is like a dual education. In addition to the acquisition of very extensive and in-depth philosophical knowledge, it is particularly important to sustainably strengthen inner qualities such as love and compassion. Only when wisdom and method (altruism) are trained and internalized at the same time, can an inner development take place, which makes it possible to have a lasting positive influence on the developments in our society. We are convinced that the external peace that we desire for our world can be achieved, above all, on the basis of inner spiritual peace. 

Such consistent training of the mind takes a lot of time. Each training year begins with a three- to four-week Lamrim retreat. The rest of the year will take place on weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm on 35 weeks. During the training, a stay of 2-3 months is planned in the monastery university Sera Je in South India. In addition to family and studies, there will be little or no time available for gainful employment. Despite a radical reduction in the cost of living, some of the full-time students (see "Information on Students") therefore need financial support. We are very happy about every donation we would use in this order as follows: 

1. tuition fees (3000 € per person per year)
2. Accommodation / board for a four-week retreat (1000 € per person per year)

In addition, through foundations students are endeavoring to obtain further financial support, e.g. to receive the tuition fees. If a foundation supports us, or if a person stops studying prematurely, the donations received will be split between the other positions.

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