Laying Out a Vegetable Garden

An aid project by “Children's World-After School Activities Center” (S. Coker) in Taiama, Sierra Leone

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S. Coker (Project Manager)

S. Coker
To ensure permanent food security for our children we aim at laying out a vegetable garden. We dispose of a lot of 8000 m², which is owned by one of the members of our organisation. The harvest serves to enrich the children's diet. Ten mothers cultivate the garden and benefit from the sale of surplus crops.
In addition, we want to carry out nutrition counselling since basic knowledge about nutrional issues is very low in rural areas. A nutrionist with a degree from Njala-University will lead the advice. She also will be paid from the sale of surplus crops.
We seek to enable Sierra Leonean women, who are the protagonists of subsistence economy to earn more income. Also we want to support educated women. The academic branch ‚Nutrition and Dietetics’ is predominantly studied by female students. Their career could be a role model for girls and young women.

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Location: Taiama, Sierra Leone

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  • Uploaded at 04-08-2011

  • Uploaded at 04-08-2011