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Achivements in year 2015-16

Srinivasa Rao N.
Srinivasa Rao N. wrote on 27-09-2016

Project Name;

Support of sanitary facilities for disabled people

Programme Objective:

Create facilities to lead a normal life as other well-beings

Target Groups:

*  Priority to disabled women and children

*  Disabled persons belong to very poor and Rural


*  Sensitising the families on the need of sanitary toilets

*  Assistance and technical guidance in installing sanitary toilet facilities

* Supporting the disabled people for the equipment of mobility needs i.e., wheel chairs, tri-cycles etc., and footwear and eye-glasses

*   Regular monitoring


*  35 disabled persons were assisted sanitary toilet facilities.

*  2 disabled persons were assisted tri-cycles

*  Raised awareness among the disabled people and their family members on the importance and usage practices of sanitary toilets and built confidence among the disabled people by having proper facilities to resolve their natural calls at their house premises.

*  Reduced Open defecation practices and environmental pollution.

Amount spent:

* INR 248800

Help to promote sanitary toilets for diabled