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Support scouting in Tennenlohe

A project from Georgs-Pfadfinderschaft Tennenlohe e.V.
in Erlangen, Germany

Many thanks to all donors who support our scout work for children and youth!

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About this project

The "DPSG Stamm Tennenlohe" has been involved in children's and youth work on a voluntary basis for almost 50 years now. In addition to weekly group meetings, we also organize many weekend activities and tent camps in our tribe.

With your donation to our non-profit association you directly support the various tasks of scouting. Thanks to our friends & supporters we can keep the contributions for membership, activities and summer camps affordable for everyone.

Currently, three projects are particularly dependent on financial support: The purchase of a new group tent for our annual summer camp, the support of the large-scale event "IronScout 2020" as well as a refresher course in first aid for our volunteer group leaders.

Further information about our scout tribe can also be found on our website (German)

All information, goals and values of the largest German youth organization "Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg" (DPSG) can be found on (German)