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Funded "We harvest a better future"

Las Heras, Argentina

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Funded "We harvest a better future"

Las Heras, Argentina

If a woman improves her life, it goes as well for her children and grandchildren - in the GN nursery in Argentina women discover their potentials and let them grow like the plants they cultivate. And the environment benefits as well!

Gabriela Vacca from WeltOffen e.V. | 
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About this project

Our cooperation partner Gestión Nativa in the Mendoza region has been working for women affected by poverty for ten years. With further training and help for self-help, we work together to improve social and ecological structures - in order to contribute to the balance between the global South and North. The focus of the cooperation project with WeltOffen is on the plantations of the Argentinean association, which provide the women with the know-how in the cultivation, care and conservation of indigenous plants. They use this knowledge to renature severely damaged landscapes in this region (e.g. post-mining landscapes) and to design green areas. 

The sustainable effect of economic empowerment for the women and their families results from the combination of further training and structural support: Our project makes it possible for the women to establish their livelihood and overcome the poverty trap by selling cultivated plants and natural plant products later on.

The project expands a productive space in which women at risk of poverty in Mendoza can expand their economic resources by propagating native plant species - a project that is sustainable in every respect!

The donations will be used to cover the following needs:

1. To secure the garden area so that there is no risk of loss through theft when the production value increases.

2. The development of an efficient irrigation system that guarantees the sustainability of production.

3. The improvement of the kindergarten equipment, in which the children of the project participants are looked after.

A woman who optimises her life always improves the future of her children and grandchildren. We need your help to help these women in Mendoza harvest a better future!

Updated at 20. May 2020