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Endlich eine Halle für die Einsatzfahrzeuge

Dieburg, Germany

We want to built a garage for our emergency vehicles which need to be protected against robbery and cold weather. The ambulances we bought are staffed with our volunteering emergency personnel who would like to be involved in our work more.

Bianca Spieß from DRK Ortsverein Dieburg
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 Due to a pleasant increase of volunteers we want to give them the opportunity to get involved in our activities more and therefore provided among other things a new special ambulance which can be staffed by two EMT – A’s. This ambulance is voluntarily equipped like a normal ambulance which means it not only has high tech devices like a corpuls C3 EKG on board but also emergency medication. This leads to a special worthiness of protection in terms of robbery and the ambulance has to be stationary in a frost-free environment. To achieve this we aim to build a garage with three spaces including automatic roller shutters which enables a fast emergency response. The garage shall be a prefabricated construction build on a self-made fundament and we would install all electric devices on our own. The new garage shall be attached to the club house so the volunteering emergency personnel can easily staff the ambulance after changing clothes. If possible, parts of the roof shall be grassed to do something for the environment. The sooner we are able to built the garage the longer the bodyshell of the ambulances will last as they are standing without roofing at the moment.