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Permaculture- and Peace-Village for East-Africa

A project from Club of Engineers and Friends e.V.
in Kitale, Kenya

OTEPIC – a selfhelp-project in Northwest-Kenya, needs help to build a conference-centre, which is focusing on education in Permaculture, sustainable water-management and peacebuilding.

Heidi Walter
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About this project

OTEPIC was founded in 2008 as a self-help project in the slums of Kitale, a city in NW Kenya. From the beginning, the founder, Philip Munyasia, mobilized people from the city's slums, where he still lives today. He gives them perspective and shows them how to feed yourself in a sustainable manner. We are deeply moved by the commitment of the OTEPIC team. Today, OTEPIC offers trainings, operates permaculture gardens at three locations, looks after 23 orphans, provides free clean drinking water for 3,000 people, offers free food for street children, organizes tree planting, operates four washing & information points on the streets of Mitume against Covid19 and much more... OTEPIC has become a beacon of hope for all of East Africa.The demand for knowledge about permaculture is steadily increasing. In order to pass these vital experiences on to many people, OTEPIC is building a seminar house. It is financed exclusively through donations. You can help too. Every small donation is a step towards the big goal. Help so that OTEPIC can reach far more people!