Closed Closing the Loop Sanitation and Food Security

An aid project by “Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Fdn” (C. Sayre) in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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C. Sayre (Project Manager)

C. Sayre
Most people living in the coastal zones in Misamis Oriental province and in most coastal zones in the Philippines are fishermen. With over-fishing and the problem of low fish catch, most of them are poor and marginalized. Making a toilet is farthest from their minds and they most often defecate in the coastal areas. This increases the problem of pathogenic contamination (e.coli, ascaris etc.) of the coastal areas and the respective associated negative health impacts. Commonly favoured solutions like flush toilets with septic tank as well as pit latrines cannot be implemented due to lack of space, the proximity to the sea and the sea level. This project will help solve this problem by containing the throwing of human waste to the sea and at the same time making use of these for agriculture purposes thereby closing the loop in food production and consumption. With the introduction of the hanging UDDT (including an appropriate subordinated resource management in place) it is expected that beneficiaries will enjoy a relatively flood resistant and safe sanitation system that allows beneficiaries to urinate and defecate in dignity. Urine and faeces are kept away safely without contaminating the immediate environment. This will result in an improved health situation for the involved communities and the reuse of urine and faeces in agricultural production will provide low cost fertiliser and soil conditioner that will have a positive impact on their food security situation. The ALEY-NM successfully implemented a similar project focusing on the uplands (arborloo) and this time the focus is on coastal areas.

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Location: Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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