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Weltherz - Building a children's home with adjoining school in Tanzania

A project from Weltherz e.V.
in Boma, Tanzania

Weltherz builds a children's house with adjoining school in Chalinze, Tanzania

D. Benz
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About this project

Weltherz e.V. is a non-profit organization registered in Munich, which since 2017 supports the "Hope Home" run by the Tanzanian Sarah, where currently about 15 orphans and half-orphans have a loving home. Another 45 children have already been placed in suitable foster families.

Following the acquisition of an approximately 25,000 square meter plot of land in the town of Chalinze in eastern Tanzania, we began construction work on a new children's home in November 2021. The plans, carried out together with a German architect, include a facility with a capacity for 20 to 25 children and young people. There will be sufficient bedrooms and sanitary facilities for both the children and the caregivers, as well as a recreation room and a study room with enough tables for reading and studying. The kitchen and dining area will be in a separate building. 

In cooperation with the local social and youth welfare office, Weltherz would like to create a new home for the children who already live in the Hope Home and have not found a suitable foster family as well as additional children in need, where they can grow up in a child-friendly and sheltered environment. In addition, an outdoor area is planned for a kitchen garden and a small livestock farm to provide the Hope Home with sustainable self-supply and a small source of income. Weltherz also wants to give women in particular the opportunity to generate an independent source of income, for example by purchasing sewing machines or by taking on a job as a cook or caregiver.

Currently, the work, which is being carried out under the supervision of a Tanzanian engineer, relates to the foundation; it is almost complete. The estimated duration of the construction works for the house will be at least 6 months. This will be followed by the external works for the cultivation of food and livestock. 

The cost of the construction of the main building and the kitchen building will be approximately 50,000€. Subsequently, furniture will have to be purchased and the outdoor area will have to be laid out. For the completion of the construction work and the outside area Weltherz still needs financial support. 

In the Chalinze region there are only a few schools and so far no private schools. Therefore, Weltherz has already considered the possibility of expanding the children's house with a school.

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