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TrebeCafé for Homeless Girls

Düsseldorf, Germany

TrebeCafé for Homeless Girls

Düsseldorf, Germany

With the TrebeCafé, the Diakonie in Düsseldorf is assisting young girls and women who mainly live on the streets, hence those who have no roof over their head or spend a lot of time on the streets.

Tina D. from Diakonie Düsseldorf | 
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About this project

TrebeCafé for homeless girls

TrebeCafé helps girls and young women who live on the street. Some of them are homeless while others spend a lot of time on the street.

Many homeless girls were abused and beaten in the past. They left home to escape this but on the street a life of suffering continues because violence is a daily occurrence. Many girls are addicted to drugs and prostitute themselves in order to make some money.

With TrebeCafé we offer these girls a shelter against cold and rain and especially against street violence which unfortunately is very common. In the TrebeCafé the girls can wash themselves or take a shower, sleep calm for a couple of hours, eat something and get clean clothes. In addition, we always offer help and advice.

It is also important to be where the girls are: on the street. Our street workers visit the girls there and help in acute situations.
In order to have as little as possible girls on the street, we also go to schools and meet pupils and youth groups. We speak with them about their problems and worries.

A lot of this work can only be done by donations. Every donation gives young girls the chance of a life without abuse and violence.

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Updated at 18. March 2020