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Online learning for kids in a major slum in New-Delhi

A project from Glocal LifeLearn e.V.
in Neu-Delhi, India

As part of the cooperation between Eklavya Trust and Glocal LifeLearn, we will raise €5,000 towards a project that will roll out a computerised learning system based on low-cost tablets. It will provide pupils with a personalised education plan.

P. Lesch
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About this project

Please help us raise €5,000 to help us improve the quality of education for underprivileged children at the Eklavya Trust School in the Prempuri slum in Gurgaon, India. With the help of computerised learning and a designated teacher, the Trust will further improve schooling given to children who would otherwise be at risk of not even attending school.


The Challenge
In Prempuri, like in most Indian slums, elementary education provided by the state is of low quality and hard to access for poor children. Parents and kids alike often fail to appreciate the value of education, and school-age children are often required to look after younger siblings while parents are at work, or even have to work themselves.

While access to state-run primary education has increased, schools are underequipped and the quality of instruction is low. A particular difficulty is finding good quality teachers, as few want to work in poor areas. As a result many children drop out of education altogether, and illiteracy and innumeracy levels are persistently high.


Eklavya was started in 2011 as a spontaneous effort to help a few children, but has since grown into a school of 500 students, employing 22 teachers and operating out of safe, well-appointed facilities in the Prempuri slums. In addition to primary education, it provides students with otherwise scarce amenities such as safe drinking water, and there’s an emphasis on hygiene, exercise and nutrition to mitigate the negative health effects of poverty. To promote attendance the school is already providing some school meals, with a view of increasing this to daily subject to funding.

Eklavya’s hard work has paid off handsomely, with most students moving on to middle education and many securing places in competitive English-language school – something which is otherwise extremely rare among the underprivileged. The work is however never done, and the Trust increasingly raises money to improve quality of instruction, which is where we come in.