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Funded Tribunal "Unraveling the NSU Complex" - Chemnitz and Zwickau

The tribunal ‘Unraveling the NSU Complex’ will take place from November 01 - 03 in Chemnitz. Your donations can help with the preparatory work!

Franz K. from ASA FF e.V.Write a message

The tribunal ‘Unraveling the NSU Complex’ will take place from November 01 - 03 in Chemnitz. Your donations can help with the preparatory work!

  • What bothers us:  
It has now been more than a year since the verdict in the NSU trial. A verdict that can not go unanswered, because it sneers the victims of a racist murder series. The narrative, "the NSU was only three", is still upheld. But the fact is: the network of neo-Nazis is large and persists also after the verdict.
As well does structural racism. If the state and the authorities do not move, then it is up to us to stand up for what is the radical alternative to the ideology of exclusion.
Especially in Chemnitz - the city where the NSU terrorists have been able to go underground for years - a strong civil society is needed. We all are needed. The riots of the late summer of 2018 have made this clear once again.

  • What we want instead:
Create solidarity and defend it. A society in which we perceive, respect and support each other. In which racism and other forms of exclusion have no space. We have to keep fighting for that. Therefore, there can not be put an end to it and therefore there will not be put an end to it!

  • But how do we do that?
We want to engage in conversation with those who are affected every day by racist resentment, by hatred, by the continuing existence of the everlasting yesterday. We want the aspects that we work out in the Tribunal to establish in long term. We can only do that if we stand up for it together. The Tribunal should therefore serve as a place of knowledge transfer, as a place of networking and as a place for visions of the future.

  • How you can help: 
Events cost money. The organization in advance costs even more. We therefore need your financial support for the implementation. Urgently!

Donate here at but even more important:
come to the tribunal to Chemnitz and / or to Zwickau. Get involved and become active.

  • And who we are:
The tribunal is being planned as a social indictment of initiatives and individuals who are united in solidarity with those affected by the NSU murder and attack series.