Closed A well-spring for the urban poor of Mpunga LC1

An aid project by P. WASSWA in 256, Uganda

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P. WASSWA (Project Manager)

A well-spring for the urban poor of Mpunga LC1 in Wakiso Town Council is a project that originates from the poor water well that is presently a source of water for approximately 1,150 people. However, the most worrying thing about the water situation in Mpunga LC1 is that the well is in a very dire state in that it is contaminated. This project is purely a community initiative and the need to have the well rehabilitated was mooted in the village council meeting and it was agreed that resources be raised to have the well rehabilitated. A team of five people was mandated to spearhead the project and also fundraise for it.
The project will benefit the entire community, however the first point beneficiaries are the women and girls who are the main users of the well. The role of collecting water from the well is majorly done by women and girls. Therefore, the well being a nearby alternative will help reduce the long distance that women have to walk in search of clean water. The rehabilitation of the well will also help girls stay longer in school as the time spent on the well will reduce drastically. Many girls have been missing school in search of clean water which is found in distant places.
The project is anticipated to benefit approximately 1,150 people and the benefits from the rehabilitation of the well will include among others the following; people will have access to clean water and this will reduce the contraction of diseases such as cholera and diarrhea, the walking distance will also be reduced for the women and girls who collect water most as the well is centrally located and near to most house holds.
The biggest challenges to the project are; the lack of adequate financial resources. The donations will benefit the project because the procurement of materials will be funded and such materials as cement, sand, hardcore, aggregate stones, wire mesh, plastic pipes, lime, labour for technical builders etc.

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Location: 256, Uganda

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