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Ackercrowd - be part of a culture against monoculture

A project from imWandel e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

With Ackercrowd we bring ecosystem services such as biodiversity, protection against erosion or CO2 sinks to the field. In the first phase, we start with several pioneer farms and build the structure for further developments and fundraising.

Hannes Gerlof
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About this project

You don't just know the problem - you want to be part of the solution?
Fields dry up, insects, birds, mammals disappear and thus our livelihoods. A "Continue like this" is not an option...
Let's help farmers change that.
Ackercrowd enables farmers and foresters to create new, unique farming systems, integrating natural processes instead of fighting against them!

We all need to help transform agriculture and create ecosystem services (such as clean air and water).
Together we prove that with forms of regenerative agriculture food production is possible for a country like Germany!

And now?
We need your donation now to show that developing agriculture is possible on a large scale and to be able to offer different, self-supporting financing models for practices on farms in the future (certificates, land compensation, agricultural subsidies, etc.).

With your donation the purchase of the plants, as well as the maintenance costs of the developed systems for at least 5 years is financed, until these carry themselves.
Just as valuable as your money is your motivation to support the farms directly with planting, care and harvesting on the field. 

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