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Please help us defeat Molly's hoof cancer

Bremen, Germany

The treatment at Hufnotdienst in Lower Saxony is the last chance for our Tinker mare to defeat the hoof cancer. We ask for help to finance this treatment.

Melina N. from Reitclub Walle e.V
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Help for Molly ❤️ – our cuddly and lovely  Tinker mare Molly fell ill with hoof cancer last winter.
We spent at least 4000€ to defeat the hoof cancer together with the vet and the farrier. But with no luck.
The therapie is not working and we run out of financial resources.
Molly's last chance is the innovativ, intensive and very effective treatment by
 @Hufnotdienst ( from Lower Saxony (Germany).
With a huge donation of 3000 €, the hoof cancer specialist has already generously supported us.
For the therapy we still lack another 6500€
We ask for your help so that our Molly can continue to teach riding to  therapy and kindergarten children.
Donations, big or small, can be sent to us through this campaign.
We thank you already for your commitment and diligent sharing!
Yours sincerely
Reitclub Walle e.V.