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"Center of Hope" in Kenya

A project from Tumaini Ministries e.V.
in Nairobi, Kenya

Our vision is that young people know their value, as well as their gifts and talents and that they not only know how to use them to positively change their lives, but also their environment. Thank you so much for your support!

Marco Fries
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About this project

Kenya is a very beautiful country with very many young people. These people have a lot of potential, but seem to have a small perspective. For this reason we have made it our task to help young people in Kenya discover their gifts, shape their personality, strengthen their belief and elaborate a perspective together.
“Tumaini” means “Hope”. We grounded Tumaini ministries because we have hope for the young generation in Kenya and want to pass this hope on to them. We have experienced that God is bigger than any hopelessness.

To make this dream possible, we bought a plot of 16,000m² near Nairobi. We will gradually build a “Center of Hope” on this plot of land. This consists of three orphanages, a school and dormitories for students who cannot go home every day. In all of these institutions we want to give young people perspectives, but also make them bearers of hope for their own lives and their environment.

The BPV Architects GmbH in Hamburg worked out a great concept for us. We have approached a construction company in Nairobi that already has a lot of experience in implementing such large-scale projects. According to an initial cost estimate, the implementation of the entire project will cost around 4 million Euros.

That is of course a substantial sum, but it is also a large project with charisma. For example, the school offers space for around 500 children and thus the opportunity to invest in their education and their future. We also don't want to implement the project all at once, but in several, smaller sections.

After the concept has been converted into building plans and we have a building permit, we will start developing the property and building the orphanages. For this we initially need 800,000 Euros

The three orphanages consist of a total of six residential groups. Similar to the Albert Schweitzer Children's Village, which is well-known in Germany, one living group parent pair should live in each residential group together with eight orphans. The prerequisite is that at least one living group parent has a pedagogical training. Of course, you will also receive further training from us.

The idea behind it is that the children grow up in a real family setting. They should no longer feel like orphans, but rather as part of a family.

This year we want to take the first steps with you to finance the orphanages. The goal is to collect 100,000 Euros in donations by the end of the year so that we can then start developing and securing the property and drilling a well. 

Together we can make a difference and we want to encourage you to be part of it! Thank you for making history with us in Nairobi.