action medeor: After East Africa famine

An aid project by “Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk action medeor e.V.” (M. Gotzen) in Südsudan, Somalia, Kenya

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M. Gotzen (Project Manager)

M. Gotzen
Even after the famine in 2011, living conditions and health care in many regions of East Africa are poor. action medeor and the German Institute for Medical Mission (Difäm) work together with the Kenyan partner African Inland Church (AIC), to support seven basic health centers for two yearsand reach approximately 198,000 people.

In the inhospitable north of Kenya lack of nutrition and hygiene cause that even minor ailments become severe.

In October 2012, the medeor staff members Andrea Eller and Shushan Tedla have visited the site. In Namarei for example a new well must still be built and there are not enough medicines available. For the mobility of nurses and patients gasoline to operate vehicles are needed. The distances are often very large, roads are bad. This makes it difficult to transport people and medical supplies. Moreover, a good education for health workers is essential. Other preventive measures are planned, because people do not know many health risks.

Continued financial support is important. For health care in the region, the stations are already making an important contribution.

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Location: Südsudan, Somalia, Kenya

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