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1000 Trees for the Future - Climate Protection & Income Security in Panama

A project from lo tuyo e.V.
in Las Lajas, Panama

Our motivation: Climate protection while reducing poverty. We organize seminars with indigenous farmers in Western Panama, donate fruit tree seedlings and support farmers along tree planting to product marketing. Become a partner of our project!

Carola P.
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About this project

How can forest protection be reconciled with increasing income and healthy diets?

Fruit trees can make an important contribution. They traditionally form the basis of smallholder farming systems in the tropics. But this knowledge is increasingly lost. We seek to rediscover, conserve and jointly distribute this knowledge with indigenous farmers.

We grow fruit tree seedlings in our nursery. In the course of seminars we do not only donate these trees to farmers but also exchange ideas from tree cultivation to new ways of processing and marketing of products.

Let's grow together:
For 2 Euros we can buy a mango in Germany - in Panama we can plant a whole mango tree and pass on the necessary knowledge for its maintenance. Your donation enables us to finance cultivation and planting of the seedlings and to guarantee free seminars on maintenance, processing and marketing of the fruits.

At the same time, every tree planted contributes to the reforestation of tropical forests, the green lung of our earth. This is how traditional agroforestry systems may form innovative solutions to combat climate change.

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