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Alphabetization and support for five Roma und Sinti girls (10-12)

A project from Bildungsverein der Roma zu Hamburg e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

With help of this interactice learning pens from tiptoi. We can help five Roma girls (10-12 years) individually with learning and alphabetization. With this help the girls will make it.

Marko D. K.
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About this project

In a school in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, were we are working, 5 Roma and Sinti girl with different obstacles will be supported.
Trough this method we will be able to teach a 10 year old girl german, so that she can become a student in our school next school year. We will teach and alphabetizise thoose girl individual. Through this the girls will have a chance to make their school diploma. 
The materials will be used in school during school time, it neccessary the children can take the equipment back home. 
With less than 100€per child, you can hels a Roma girl to have a successfull school life.