An aid project by “MARK FIVE FARM FRESH” (G. WAWERU) in MWEA, Kenya

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G. WAWERU (Project Manager)

The farming project started in 2008 on 5 acres of land. The area is quite dry so most families have very little food.

The farm engaged in farming of vegetables that are easy to grow and requires little investment.

By adopting appropriate technologies, the farm uses Drip Irrigation for farming. This helps in reducing water wastage and labour force needed.

The project also engages in small animals that local households can manage including traditional chicken, rabbits and goats.

By getting a borehole in the project, there will be water throughout the year for the entire neighbourhood.

Since there is no electricity in the area, Solar or wind technology will be used to pump the water.

Over 50 imediate families will benefit from this project by using the water to cultivate their land. The neighbouring community would also benefit by accessing clean water for domestic consumption.

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Location: MWEA, Kenya

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  • Okra grown using Drip Irrigation

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  • Project Rabbits

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