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medical rehabilitation for Radha Paudel

A project from Deutsch Nepalesischers Kulturverein e.V.
in Chitwan, Nepal

The deutsch-nepalesischer Kulturverein (short DNKV) has been founded by former volunteers of VHS Bhaktapur and strives to promote activities in the German-Nepalese cultural exchange as well as social projects in that context.

I. Patsch
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About this project

Since an accident in October 2017 Radha's mobility is heavily impaired. In that accident she broke her  coccygeal bone and it never was healed out well. She needs to carry along a sitting pillow and walking long distances or steep hills is painful or impossible. 
We would like to organize a proper check up followed by a medical rehabilitation retreate of 2 - 3 weeks in which under medical supervision daily different treatments are done so to fully recover.