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The Archiv needs you support!

A project from Archiv e.V.
in Potsdam, Germany

We, the e.V. Archiv, operate the building of Leipzigerstr. 60 in Potsdam as an uncommercial cultural palace. To repair the building we need support. The roof is broken and the facade needs to be renewed.

Archiv e.V. - Alternativer Kulturpalast
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About this project

Hey to all fellow Archiv-lovers, unsalaried cultural workers and and antifascist cool people out there. The Archiv Potsdam needs your support!

Like you may know, our roof doesn't have anymore motivation - gets blown of our heads -and our walls, on which that roof (still) lays on, has to be converted into a chic, "potsdam-fair" facadedress. Our house is, at least for us,fine enough, but in all the years before us there was much botch and that presents us with much challenge. More han five years of planning, increased construction costs and hidden damage have burnt our budget. A promotion from our brandenburger capitol should have covered the costs, but than even more hidden damage came to light. Now we stand before a more costy construction stop. the scope and the necessary execution by a specialist doesnt give us any opportunitys any more to save up some money by unsalaried work.
So that our ca 1000m² and the 1400m² facade can be completely refurbished, we ask you for a small or big donation, just as your possibilities. Therefor we will provide a free space for sociocultural participation for another 25 years. 

Shortly to our daily concern:
We, the Archive e.V., and our beloved house, are one of the last remaining social centers in Potsdam. Our goal is to bring people of all kinds together. It does not bother us, which ethnic origin somebody has. Important is a respectful, relaxed community and of course a good dose of fun. In order to achieve all this, we offer concerts of all kinds, as well as studio rooms, readings, lectures and exhibitions.

In doing so, we, the e.V. Archiv, work completely voluntarily and free of charge to enable not only die-hard Potsdam residents but also our new neighbors to enjoy a wide range of culture. There are also free leisure activities such as billiards, table tennis and table football. And that for over 25 years.

So, in terms of content, everything is there what a self-governing cultural palace needs. If you want to know more about us, you can have a look at our website or visit us directly and have a look yourself (daily from 8 pm)