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We envision a world where all young people are able to shape their future through education

Desmond John Beddy
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About this project

This year, we would like to involve you in the organizing of the 2019 African Youth Education Awards (AYEA) in a different and important way. And here is why: 

Since 2011, AYEA has awarded hundreds of prizes in kind and cash to those African students and parents who have most inspired us by way of education. By recognizing their commitments to educational excellence, AYEA has inspired them and the African community at large. The ceremony has also been a rare place of meaningful interaction between Africans and others of diverse origin in Hamburg. Out of this networking has arisen ideas, friendships, collaborations, and even job opportunities!

AYEA has, therefore, brought our community closer, moved it forward, and given Africans in the diaspora an occasion they can be proud of. And we want to build on that. This year, we expect about 500 people to attend the awards and as you can imagine, it would demand lots of resources. We have received financial support from a number of organizations, but we still have a significant budget gap to close. 

Your financial support will ensure that the AYEA team, which has been working round the clock, is able to put forth a ceremony that you and the rest of the community can be very proud of.

Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in November.
The AYE Team

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