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Donation for a Community Centre in Ecuador

A project from PASoS e.V.
in Las Gilces, Ecuador

We are PASoS an non profit organization consisting out of a group of architects, woodworkers, carpenters who have joined forces to plan and build the community centre, Centro Cultural, in Ecuador.

Miriam Rieke
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About this project

CENTRO CULTURAL - Research Design Build - an architectural project in Ecuador


The inhabitants of the coast of Ecuador live in constant danger to get hit by an earthquake.
The most recent earthquake was a serious one in 2016, which one of the co-founders of PASoS e.V. experienced. It hit the village of Las Gilces quite hard. According to official figures nearly 7000 buildings were completely destroyed and another 2700 severely damaged. For this reason, earthquake-resistant construction is a central theme in our design and has influenced decisions on construction methods and materials.

The project actively involves local residents in the construction process and thus creates the basis for intercultural knowledge exchange. It enables the community to expand its capacities within the field of crafts training. In this way the young and female inhabitants of the region get a chance to learn the sustainable and earthquake-proof bamboo construction method.

The planned start for the construction of the community centre is at the beginning of the year 2020. A starting capital has already been collected through fundraising campaigns. In order to completely cover the construction costs as well as the costs for tools, a bamboo specialist and further expenses, we hope for further donations.

Therefore we would like to ask for your support - thank you in advance!

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