Calling Renewable Energy Investors to Nigeria

An aid project by “Family Resources Development Motivators” (U. Ugochukwu) in Owerri, Nigeria

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U. Ugochukwu (Project Manager)

U. Ugochukwu
Renewable Energy; a powerful solution:
With fuel Price soaring, the poorest African countries have an urgent need for inexpensive power that does not harm the environment. African Countries have abundant supplies of sun, wind, water & agricultural waste that can provide clean energy for households and drive income generating activities for community (Rural & Urban).
Rural & Urban dwellers in the selected communities have always used wood for cooking and kerosene for lighting.
Our project will help them set up Photovoltaic (PV) systems to light their homes. the project include a credit fund to enable homes by required household renewable energy equipment.
we will use solar powered equipment to provide services including street lighting, solar cookers, biogas Digesters & burners, solar chargers.

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Location: Owerri, Nigeria

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