Closed Empower 50 poor girls through vocational training

An aid project by “Vikas Samarthan Kendra” (Neha M.) in Vijapadi, Amreli, India

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Neha M. (Project Manager)

Neha M.
Women and girls, who are forced to get involved in various types of illegal activities.. In the Vijapadi village near by Savarkundla block of Amreli district, the condition of women and children (specially girls) is very bad. Lack of education results in large numbers of children per family, total neglect of the girl children as they are supposed to be a liability for the family.The vocational training project of embroidery work, sewing and handicraft work will provide women and girls a livelihood support. They will get skill to empower her life by self employment and self respect.

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Location: Vijapadi, Amreli, India

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  • Uploaded at 02-07-2011

  • Uploaded at 02-07-2011