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A project from GKJ-Berlin gGmbH
in Kolda, Senegal

4 women's cooperatives in the south of Senegal make the step into self-employment with your help. The certification (EU Eco-Guideline) of their exotic products helps to jump into the European market as exporters.

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About this project

Strange fruits, these cashews. First, the kernel grows, then a bright red or yellow fruit forms, but remains mostly unused on the field after harvesting. As a rule, only the very delicious kernels are marketed as we know them. The sensitive cashew fruits deserve attention. They contain five times the vitamin C of an orange and contain valuable oxidants and minerals. Moreover, they surprise with an unusually exotic taste. Since 2018, our project has helped 4 women's cooperatives in the Kolda and Ziguinchor region of southern Senegal to put an end to waste and recognize the value of these cashews. We have provided for short transport routes so that the fruits can reach the production sites in the villages undamaged. So the processing of the fruits can start immediately. Meanwhile, a cashew fruit drink and a cashew fruit spread is produced, which is already available in Germany. Controlled dehydration produces cashew dried fruits, non-sulfurized of couse. The cashew kernels are also processed and packed by hand over several working steps. From donations we were able to equip the cooperatives with modern packaging machines. So the products can be vacuumized and packaged right on the spot to maintain freshness. We ensure that the value chain remains in the country. New, permanent jobs are created or secured in the region. We ensure fair wages. With your donation, the manufacturer will now be granted organic certification in accordance with the EU Eco-Directive, which facilitates access to the European market. So you too can soon enjoy the benefit of these organic products. This seal will not be awarded for free. ECOCERT is active as an ECO control company and will carry out certification and control in the two regions of Kolda and Ziguinchor in southern Senegal where the cooperatives are active. The goal is to be certified as organic producer from May 2020 for the next cashew harvest. The costs of 1900 € are to come together over this donation call.