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Closed Primary school project for orphans in Balcad/Somalia

Balcad, Somalia

In one of the poorest and most insecure parts of Africa, education will change the world. For this we need your support. Help us to give the orphans of Balcad / Somalia a future!

Asli Ahmed-Murmann from Verein für Entwicklung und hum. Hilfe Somalias e.V
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Help to change the world! We have launched a primary school project in Somalia, one of the most unstable states in Africa, and we need your support to give many girls and boys in the region a future.

The school is located in Balcad County, in the Middle-Shabelle (Somalia) region, named after the Shabelle River of the same name. The region with the homonymous Balcad Municipal Administration Center is located approximately 35 km northwest of the capital Mogadishu and covers approximately 4,400 km². Around 650,000 people live here in 82 villages.

The Balcad region was one of the agricultural centers throughout Somalia prior to the nearly three-decade civil war. Climate and vegetation are characterized by the transition from the dry north of Somalia to the trophic-equatorial climate in the south of the country. East of the region borders a 70 km long coast to the Indian Ocean.

In this equally beautiful and poor region, we want to help change the situation of local people. Together with many helpers on site and with the support of donations from Germany, we rebuilt the school destroyed by the war. We just reopened the school and now we want to work together with you to ensure that the children not only get a proper education, but also at least once a day to eat something and later a school garden and school well with clean water.

The school consists of three buildings, each with classrooms and offices. We took responsibility for about 100 boys and girls. Children who often grow up without parents and therefore need not only our support, but also our protection.

For the preservation of the school we need about 5 Euro per child per month. 5 euros a month, which can change a whole life. Help, change lives!

Your Asli