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Closed voluntary service in the social bike organisation 'CooP Uganda'

Jinja, Uganda

Closed voluntary service in the social bike organisation 'CooP Uganda'

Jinja, Uganda

Cycling out of Poverty Uganda is a social organisation sponsoring bicycles for health care providers and children with long school routes. Starting in August, I will begin one year of volunteer work to support the organization’s team.

Kay Jürgens from artefact gGmbH | 
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About this project

Millions of people in Uganda live in rural areas - far away from any medical institutions. Even though there are a lot of community health workers, good and fast health care is not guaranteed.  The problem is this: There are just not enough affordable resources of transportation, which are necessary for medical workers to reach people in need.  Cycling out of Poverty Uganda (CooP) is aiming to fix that problem by sponsoring bicycles for health workers. 

Starting in August of 2019, I will join the team of CooP Uganda as a volunteer from the German “weltwaerts”-program to aid in CooP Uganda’s mission. I want to briefly introduce CooP Uganda as the organization I will be volunteering for, artefact which is the German organization sending me, and share a bit about myself. 

The charitable organization CooP Uganda leads several social projects. Next to sponsoring bikes to health workers, CooP also sponsors bikes to children who have long distances to travel to get to school. The organization also builds wheelchairs, some of which are powered by hand pedalling (see picture above). Another project for 2019 is to design a water pump that can be set up within 15 minutes and powered by one bicycle. 

The German organization artefact sends volunteers to eastern Africa every year supported by the national subsidy program “weltwaerts”. CooP Uganda, and all other partnering organizations of artefact are chosen based on technical, social and ecological criteria. 

My name is Kay. After I finished school in 2014 it was my pleasure to join the national volunteering program "Bundesfreiwilligendienst" as a school assistant for a disabled boy. Afterwards I studied mechanical engineering and I just graduated this year. It was clear to me that I want to combine my technical interests with social involvement. My enthusiasm about bicycles, my curiosity about people, and my interest in new places and procedures combined fueled my desire to volunteer for this program in Africa. One of my focuses while supporting CooP will be around the water pump design project mentioned. I am very much looking forward to the new experiences and being able to share them with others. 

These volunteer programs are a great opportunity to support the north-south exchange and to learn more about distant cultures. The weltwaerts-program supports it’s volunteers by bearing 75% of the expenses. By working together with artefact, I am striving to raise the remaining 25% - which will be 200€ / 280USD a month. I am asking you for your support. I am thankful for every single donation and will also be happy with any encouragement through this journey! :)