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Virtual world trips for our elderly day care!

Our mission is to bring more quality of life back to people in need of care and to promote their health by using Bike Labyrinth (interactive bicycle tours to explore the world).

Ines Streuber from Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Kreisverband Köthen e.V.Write a message

In our day care facility in the heart of Köthen, we offer loving care for the elderly, the sick or those who need care. Our guests often suffer from severe movement restrictions, which means that they can no longer participate in living outside their living environment and the day care facility. This in turn has a negative effect on mental well-being and health.  
Recently we could test the product Bike Labyrinth - with great positive feedback! The project combines gaming and exercise (exergaming) to help those in need of more vitality and quality of life. With Bike Labyrinth, everyone can virtually travel almost the entire world. Once again cycling through Berlin in the sun, being on an adventurous safari in Africa or exploring a coral reef underwater - Bike Labyrinth makes it possible! 
How does it work?
An exercise bike with a fitted screen allows the user to traverse any number of landscapes, for example, the streets of Berlin. Knobs on the handlebar allow you to decide at certain points along the route whether you want to turn left or right, or change to another city. A tour lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Bike Labyrinth was developed as a student project at the University of Leiden and is aimed primarily at seniors. It is about encouraging elderly to exercise. The rotating movement is good for the joints and through the virtual tours, the brain is addressed. Thus, people in need of care can visit places they know from back then.  
Objectives of the project:  
·           Promote the quality of life and happiness of those in need of care  
·           Train psychomotor speed of dementia patients  
·           Increase health and well-being through exercise  
The purchase of Bike Labyrinth costs about 5,800 euros, unfortunately we are currently missing funding opportunities.  
We therefore ask you to support this project idea with a donation in order to create further joy of life for our elderly guests.