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Help to clean up a river in the Indian Himalayas of Ladakh!

Leh, India

The cold desert of Ladakh in the Himalayas of norhern India are being hreaened more and more by waste pollution. You can help now to clean up a river in the regional capial of Leh in cooperation with students from regional schools!

Felix Schachenmayr from Ecoselva e.V.
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 In the very north of India lies the region of Ladakh, a former Buddhistic kingdom. Isolated from the rest of the world after the partition of Pakistan and India after their independence from the British Empire, the region was opened for visitors from other parts of India and the world just in 1974. 

Since then, Ladakh is changing rapidly. Globalisation has led to serious changes in the local lifestyle, while especially within the last decade more and more tourists come to visit Ladakh. 

The consequences of the rapid development are easily recognizable. Apart from ever-decreasing water resources, Ladakh is fighting one major problem: the ongoing pollution by waste. Waste, that is spreading especially in the region’s capital of Leh, thrown away without any thought. 

This problem is still very new and is only paid little attention to in a region that was once self-sufficient. Many are not yet aware of the hazards created especially by plastic disposed in nature. The local infrastructure as well is currently just beginning to establish structures for sustainable disposal or recycling of waste. 

What is our plan?

To fight the serious issue of waste pollution effectively, we want to work together with the locals with special focus on the young generations, as they will soon be the ones defining the future of their homeland. 

About 200 students from three different schools shall be informed about the problems and hazards connected to careless waste disposal within a workshop-programme. Within the course of the following day, we together with the participants of the programme are planning to clean up an almost 15 km long part of the major stream supplying Leh with water. 

To ensure the largest amount of sustainability possible, we will cooperate with the first and only waste sorting plant of Ladakh in the neighbouring village of Choglamsar. Only this way we can stop the waste from entering the environment again directly after the programme.  

We hope to create long-lasting awareness abou dhe many problems caused by non-biodegradable waste, especially plastic, on regional as well as a global scale. Reports and features about the programme within local media might even motivate others to organize similar programmes of their own. 

Unfortunately, we as a very small organization are unable to cover for the costs required to implement our project from our own resources. Therefore, we need your help! 

Even with the smallest contribution you can help to take a step in the fight against waste pollution in Ladakh!