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Don't forget East Germany!

A project from ZIVD e.V. - Zentrum Interkultureller Verständigung
in Germany

Against racism, discrimination and intolerance. The European elections have shown that racism and anti-democratic ideologies are gaining ground in Germany. We oppose that.

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About this project

  The fight against right-wing extremism will not be successful without civic engagement. As an association, we have set up a project with volunteer supporters that campaigns nationwide for projects against racism, discrimination, intolerance and fake news. Nationwide demonstrations are supported digitally and on the street. It is now a matter of funding these projects. Recent events have shown that education and prevention in this area are more important than ever. All projects, groups and events that we support promote democratic values ​​and solidarity. They are intended to strengthen cohesion and understanding among the various associations and individuals who stand up against racism, discrimination and intolerance. Please support us with a donation. Any amount, large or small, is a contribution to democracy, tolerance and understanding.