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Kisumu, Kenya

To counteract medical problems related to dental health, Make Me Smile is going to held three dental medical camps in August 2019. For securing a continuous treatment, we are in need of your support!

Hanno Senger from Make Me Smile International
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High prevalence of dental problems
Many people in Kolwa East, Kisumu, have no insurance, which covers dental treatment. Due to high fees and small income, many just made themselves comfortable with dying off teeth and caries. Next to reduced chances in job talks, untreated theeth can lead to sincere diseases affecting the whole body and health. 

Dr. Lill and Dr. Senger want to combat teeth related diseases
The dentists, Dr. Lill from Munich and Dr. Senger from Vienna, are going to pass two weeks with our organization. 
Last year, Dr. Senger volunteered with our organization and held three free medical dental camps with nearly 1000 patients and raised awareness in dental hygiene in various primary schools. When he was seventeen, he visited the Waluka Primary School with his school and came back to Austria with various intense impressions. 
Thus he received great support from local doctors, last time, this year Dr. Lill from Munich is going to support the dental camps as a second European doctor.

During their time with us, they want to:

  • hold three dental medical camps to offer access to medical treatment for local community members free of charge. The camps are held by local doctors and the two Europeans collectively. 

Even with a small Donation you can Make Someone Smile!
One treatment = 2 Euro
5 treatments = 10 Euro
10 treatments = 20 Euro 

  • Raise Awareness in local primary schools by teaching the importance of oral hygiene and the correct handling of tooth-brushes. Of course, every participating child receives a brush and a tube of toothpaste, to make use of the received workshops. 

You can support their workshoops by donating for hygiene-sets:
One child: 1 Euro 
10 children: 10 Euro 

Thank You for making us SMILE

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