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Funded Building and support of a school for village children in Madagascar

In Madagascar, school costs too much money for most. Our village school is open to children who can not pay school fees. On the new property, we will build a school, so that the village children have opportunities for education.

R. Brugger from Kinder für die Zukunft e.V.Write a message

In Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world, school costs money - too much for most.

The village school "College Les Pigeons" is a privately organized school for poor children in Talata near Antsirabé in Madagascar, which encourages children's creativity and awareness of the importance of nature.

The village school "College Les Pigeons" is also open to children who can not pay any school fees. But the previous tiny, rented schoolhouse has been sold.

The "College Les Pigeons" is located down a side street in the village Talata, in English "Tuesday". There currently is place for 70 to 200 students, from 3 to 15 years. The college has existed for 13 years and is run by Raholinomenjanahary, Josette Sylvie and Holy, supported by her family. In the 13 years of its existence, the college had to move five times and has finally found its home: Near the current, far too small school building, a new building with a school garden will be built on its own property.

We would like to build a permanent school on the newly acquired land, so that the village children continue to have opportunities for learning.

Furthermore, we want to improve the hygienic conditions, there should be a well on the property, a small solar system should provide electricity, waste separated and disposed of and above all the lessons will be improved.

Multilingual website of the school