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Hopeful prospects for favela children through education

Almirante Tamandaré , Brazil

Dorcas helps socially vulnerable children, young people and women from the district of Bom Fin through a variety of educational programs, health care and sports and artistic activities.

Michael Proß from Gustav-Adolf-Werk Württemberg e.V.
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The town of Almirante Tamandaré (103,000 inhabitants) is located in the Greater Curitiba area of Brazil. In one of the countries with the highest murder rate, this city ranks number 11 in the most dangerous districts. It is a place marked by violence, prostitution and drug abuse, in which children and adolescents are neglected and malnourished. A lack of hygiene and sanitation, as well as school dropouts and illiteracy are omnipresent.

The project "Dorcas" began in 1995 as an initiative of members of the congregation Redentor in Curitiba. A year later, the project was relocated to Almirante Tamandaré.

Task and vision:
Dorcas' goal and vision is to support socially vulnerable children, young people and women from the favelas of the Almirante Tamandaré community in their basic needs, to improve their quality of life, to convey Christian values and to bring about hopeful perspectives and social change.

How does Dorcas help?

Dorcas helps through a variety of activities!

  • Central components are educational offers such as homework help with differentiated mathematics and language lessons with the help of educational games. Older adolescents are intensively supported in finding a career.

  • Counseling in hygiene and health, environmental education are other important activities.

  • Sports activities such as football enjoy great popularity and playfully promote the personal development of children and adolescents. Solidarity, interaction, integration and discipline play a major role here.

  • Creative artistic and musical offerings such as flute lessons, choir and painting and drawing lessons complete the offerings.

Of the exciting offerings, about 480 children and adolescents are to benefit from the Dorcas project and four meals a day are provided for the physical well-being.

Your donation is in demand!

We therefore need your donation so that we can continue to help many socially vulnerable children and adolescents in Dorcas.
Most of the costs are covered by partnerships and donations, and only a small part by the city council.

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