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German Red Cross "Luckbringer" - Last Wishes for Terminally Ill

The project DRK Luckbringer // Glücksbringer is an engagement towards terminally ill people of all ages. It fulfills them a possible last heartfelt wish and gives them support throughout the whole experience, creating positive memories.

G. Krayss from Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Kreisverband Ravensburg e.V.Write a message

The project of the German Red Cross section in Ravensburg fulfills heartfelt wishes of terminally ill people in the region.

Those wishes are very individual and could be a boat tour around the lake of Constance, a visit to the place of birth or a farewell visit to a graveyard. Each wish is accompanied by a trained DRK Glücksbringer, who supports the person with the wish as well as another further attendant.
The place of wish should be in the region of Lake Constance - Upper Swabia - Allgäu.

Brought to life by the German Red Cross section in Ravensburg, the project serves the cause of bringing happiness and positive emotional memories to terminally ill people of all ages. The German word Glücksbringer not only means "lucky charms" but also is a play of words meaning "the one who brings happiness".

With your donation you support our cause in this regional project and  help to make those positive memories and special experiences possible.