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Mobile painting school

Hamburg, Germany

The content of the project includes the conversion of delivery and sales vehicles into a mobile creative space. This room is mobile and can be used everywhere. The goal is to provide flexible support for children and adolescents in need of support.

A.Heydenreich from BORN TO FLY Förderverein e.V.
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There is a great need for support for socially disadvantaged children and adolescents. Even bigger than in the city, he is in the country. Because where the cities already have various offers and organizations, there is hardly any supply in rural areas. Not least the increasing number of refugees have contributed to the fact that this already great need has once again increased considerably.
The integration of refugee children and German socially disadvantaged children is associated with obstacles. Language barriers, cultural differences and the associated lack of self-confidence of the children lead to a gap that needs to be overcome. Isolation and loneliness should be averted as well as the dangers associated with lack of integration and belonging.
Our courses show how much art education helps to connect children and adolescents. Immigrant students meet German children and our painting courses form the basis for initial contact. The creative activity strengthens the self-confidence and the joint development of motives connects. Emotions are lived out in the form of colors and patterns, and the associated interaction shows how easily the contact with other children can arise. Once this hurdle has been removed, a child moves from the edge of society ever further into the middle of it. Barriers break down and the newly gained self-confidence influences everyday life, the school and the development of a social environment. Talents are recognized and encouraged, and the fun of creativity generates great joy among our students.
Because of the lack of mobility and the difficulty to find and financially support suitable premises for short to medium-term project phases, we offer our courses so far only in the Hamburg city area.

Knowing what is needed - especially outside the cities - is the cornerstone of the solution: a mobile creative space that enables us to give daily courses in different places. Here leisure and creativity are in the foreground. The children should be able to enjoy, learn and develop freely.
The frequency of the courses depends on the number of children. A group size of 14 children should not be exceeded. In case of greater demand, another course will be integrated into the weekly schedule.

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