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Alte Turnhalle - Gym Hall

A project from Riedberger Sport- und Kulturverein e.V.
in Frankfurt, Germany

We collect for the old gym in order to enable attractive sports activities in the district for children / adults and also to provide a base-equipped sports facility to other clubs, schools and kindergartens.

Gabriele Nagel
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About this project

The old gym in Grubweg 6 in Kalbach-Riedberg is a large community hall with a stage, where in recent years a bit of culture and sports took place, managed by the club ring and the clubs always had to bring their own sports equipment, so it was just easier Training possible. Now we are, the Riedberger SV, the fresh young tenants and want to awaken the old gym from their slumber and make a good sports and cultural program for the district Kalbach-Riedberg. Since the sporting infrastructure in Frankfurt simply is not enough, we need the capacity of the old gym and must exhaust this maximum. Currently, the old gym is physically empty, not even a bench, a mat, soft floor or the like is available. Only outside are still good padded chairs and very old tables of the club ring, which can be used in cultural events. In addition to the sporting equipment, we also want to use the associated outdoor area (1000 sqm / currently only one lawn) for sports clubs, schools, kindergartens, groups (here an athletics jumping pit, chess field, trampoline, barefoot path, beach volleyball field, soccer arena with active support be designed by the Malteser Social Day, incl. Chill out zone for the parents or for common barbecue / seat). A great dream, we have the commitment to the XXL project, now we need financial support to put the project into action. Overall we need: Outdoor facilities: Ground trampoline, XXL chess, garden furniture, cushions, 2 Jugendfeldtore, 2 Hockeytore, gas grill, Aufsitzrasenmäher for the care of the property, fence, gate Inside: 4 sports hall benches, 4 boxes, 1 mat cart, 2 mini-gates, 10 trampolines for fitness, 4 gym wedges, climbing tower, waiting room