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From Swabia to the whole world - Razorbacks Live Stream (licence condition)

Weingarten, Germany

When the Razorbacks were founded in 1987, nobody would have thought that we would become a GFL2 champion 21 years later. If you want to continue playing at the current high levelyou have to fulfill this licensing requirements.

R. Rühlemann from Förderverein Ravensburg Razorbacks e.V.
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When the Department of American Football was founded as Ravensburg Razorbacks in 1987, no one would have thought that you would become a GFL2 champion 21 years later. At that time they still trained on an ash place, drove with private cars to the away game and the license conditions were also clear. Since then, a lot has changed: the training conditions have been improved and above all the youth work - with meanwhile more than 150 players - is in the focus. In the same course, however, the requirements rose to obtain a license for the 2nd highest division in Germany. So today 1. and 2. League clubs are committed to provide a live stream - currently play the Ravensburger still with a special permit. The meaning or nonsense of this licence condition of the league can be discussed for a long time - it is clear: if you want to continue playing at the current high level, with the goal of promotion to the GFL1, then you have to meet this requirement in 2020. If this does not succeed, threatening sensitive financial penalties up to the point deduction. As in sports, preparation in this area is everything. Since the beginning of 2018, this topic has been dealt with intensively. There were early discussions with external providers, at the end of a low 5-digit amount per season stood in the room. An amount that the club neither wants nor can raise! In order nevertheless to meet the requirements, one has additionally additional advice from Extern - in the form of know-how of other football clubs - brought. Thanks to their experience, they are now anxious to produce the live stream itself. Again, volunteer work comes first - from cameraman to commentator. This project is for the sole purpose of financing the necessary technical equipment / infrastructure such as PC's, camera equipment, software, cables and other equipment (including transport crates, etc.). The start of the project "Razorbacks Live Stream" was already at the beginning of the year 2019, with a workshop for our volunteer moderators in Frankfurt. In the coming months, the infrastructure in the stadium will be prepared, the contents of the program finalized and the team further trained. In the end, there is only one thing left to say: LIVE is LIVE! After all, seeing the home games of the American Football Team from the Schussental in the Lindenhof Stadium (Weingarten) LIVE is still one of the most attractive sporting events in the Lake Constance region of Upper Swabia. One Team - One Target - We are RAZORBACKS! We wholeheartedly thank all donors for their assistance in financing the necessary hardware to meet the licensing requirements.