Children's Feeding Program

An aid project by “MGMF-Förderverein Kinderhilfe e.V.” (Herbert H.) in Quezon Citiy, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Herbert H. (Project Manager)

Herbert H.
The Children's Feeding Program was carried out in July 2008 by Maricel Grace Foundation in response to the pressing need to improve the health and nutrition of the poorest children from the Phlippines.

The Maricel Grace Foundation also seeks to provide regular health care through medical and dental check-ups and other means of support as needed.

Without donations, the children would continue to live in unimaginable misery and many of them even sleep in the street. They were malnourished or sick, and had no chance of her life. Therefore we must use our own funds and hope for your donation!

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Location: Quezon Citiy, Metro Manila, Philippines

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