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Closed This Giving Tuesday, let’s empower women to become entrepreneurs!

Turkpatti, India

Closed This Giving Tuesday, let’s empower women to become entrepreneurs!

Turkpatti, India

When it comes to unemployment and poverty, women in rural India are among the most affected groups. Through vocational training courses we are aiming to empower local women so that they can become pioneers of positive change in their communities.

T. McCartney from United for Hope e.V. | 
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About this project

Giving Tuesday 
Today is Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a global philanthropy movement fuelled by the power of social media, collaboration and compassion. This year, we are creating a program for the women in our community.
When it comes to unemployment and poverty, women in rural areas are among the most affected groups. Besides a general lack of opportunities, many women in rural India continue to be restricted and limited by cultural norms and a patriarchal society. These factors affect women’s mobility, work prospects, and ability to pursue education. 

Women in our area face many hardships and there is only a small amount of opportunities for women to gain their own income. Turkpatti and the surrounding villages is home to 28,000 residents and is very close to where we launched our first Smart Village model in 2014. Within this population, according to census data only approximately 1,100 women are gainfully employed. This situation has an impact on decision-making processes and the economic and social development of individuals and communities.

Here at United for Hope we want to empower women in our community through vocational training, taught by women, for women. The first program to be offered will be a sewing and textile course, teaching women the basics of sewing, embroidery, block printing and pattern design. As we recognise that skills alone are not enough, our program also includes a business basics module. This module will empower women with the knowledge and skills to set up and run their own sewing businesses. 

The program will take place in our new dedicated training facility in Turkpatti, just a few kilometres from our community centre. The central location of the training facility ensures easy access for women in the nearby villages and allows women to combine classes with other daily activities.

We are aiming to positively impact the local communities in several ways. Firstly, to help and support the women economically and socially, through contributing to the women’s vocational development. Secondly, to promote new attitudes towards entrepreneurship and women’s education, stimulating the empowerment of women and the creation of paths to a better future. Thirdly, to improve the livelihoods of communities through the additional sources of income created.

The goal:

We are aiming to raise €500 to give the women in our training program the best and most comfortable experience possible. Your kind donations would subsidise the costs of the classes for participants and would also help fund the salaries of the teachers, the building rent and maintenance, sewing supplies such as fabric, scissors and thread, and also furniture.

This Giving Tuesday, donate to support this vocational training project and impact the lives of women in our area.

A little bit can go a long way!

Thank you!
The United for Hope Team
Updated at 28. September 2020