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Changing life, sharing joy - Leguruki Health Center

A project from Evang. Luth. Dekanat Michelau
in King'ori, Tanzania

The people around King'ori in Northern Tansanias urgently nead an appropriate Health Facility. To update the small dispensary to a so called Health Center we need to collect 240.000 € for a labour and theatre ward.

Friedrich Flierl
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About this project

In the Eastern District of Meru Diocese in Tanzania there is small local dispensary called Leguruki Dispensary. There you find nurses, a midwife and a laboratory assistent. Mostly there is a doctor there too. 

This little health facility is the only one in a region of 50,000 people. The next hospital at Nkoaranga is 1-3 hours car-drive away. To get there you have to drive along a road that is more like a dried out riverbed than a road. There is no emergency doctor and no ambulance. Women who come to the dispensary to deliver usually come by foot or are brought by motorcycle, only in exceptional cases they come by car. Complications during birth or other serious cases can lead to death because there is no way to handle them at the dispensary and because it is difficult to get to a  hospital in time. Often people just can’t afford the transport. 

So what can we do about this poor situation?
Our ambition: Let us build a Health Center

To get an appropriate facility with eligible staff so that even complicated cases can be treated properly this dispensary has to be updated to a so called “Health Center”, which means a small hospital. The Tanzanian government postulates a certain quality standard for Health Centers, meaning the buildings and rooms as well as the staff and equipment. 


The first step is to raise an amount of  240.000 Euro.
With this money we can build the most urgently needed theatre and labour ward.