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Funded Education for Nepal

A project from ?
in Kathmandu, Nepal

Life in the streets of Kathmandu = freedom. Many children, teenager and young grown ups thing in this way and prefer living in the streets than the live in an organisation.

K. Scholl
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About this project

I came to Nepal to spend my holidays. Soon I felt the need to help the street kids in Thamel (the tourist area of Kathmandu). Unfortunately this is not quite easy, as most of the children and adolescents are not keen to exchange their "freedom" on the street for a place in an organisation due to the many rules, that these organisations apply. It is therefore important to deal with each fate individually, to talk to the person (which can be time consuming) and find out what he or she wants and needs in order to achieve targeted donations. For example for the monthly fees for the school as well as purchase of books, school uniform and rent and food.
Found as baby
in the streets of
to be shifted from one
organisation to another
during his whole life.
until he finally lives
in the street for a total
of five years, where drugs,
hunger and violence rules.