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N. Otaala (Project Manager)

N. Otaala
HOSU - Agro livestock Improvement Rural Services (HAIRS) project aims at contributing to the improvement of food security and livestock ownership and health of the peasant poor families of Serere District, through the promotion of models of veterinary practices and agricultural production that favour the right to food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods.

Specific objective
i. Improve the agricultural production of 870 peasants of Serere District, in the period of three years, through the incorporation of improved veterinary and agricultural practices and the strengthening of community based structures.

Expected results (E.R):
E.R.1. 870 peasants in Serere District improve and increase their agricultural production by acquiring 174 oxen, 87 ploughs and 348 cows and their access to improved seeds and veterinary kits.
E.R.2. 870 peasants in Serere District are incorporated in the agricultural practice of any of the techniques learnt and receive the technical advice from paravets.
E.R.3. Increase the level of consciousness of the benefiting families about the importance of the community participation and gender in the rural development of Serere District.
E.R.4. HOSU is consolidated as an actor of development in Serere District

More information:

Location: S, Uganda

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